Student’s Room Use

Facility Name

International Academic Exchange Office (IXO) Student Room (Henceforth, Student’s Room)

Facility Location

Room 241, 2nd Floor Engineering Building 7B
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Train: Nagoya Daigaku (Exit #3)
(Nagoya University Access Map)

Postal Address:

International Academic Exchange Office
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya University
Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku
Nagoya  464-8603

People allowed to Use the Student Room

Students, Researchers, Faculty and administrative members of the Department of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering, as well as those who belong to other Departments and Graduate Schools of Nagoya University.

Opening Hours

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding national holidays and school holidays. At closing time an electronic lock will automatically lock the door. For information on the use of the facility after the regular hours, please see Use of the Student Room After Hours section below.

Form to Fill Out When Entering the Room

In order to serve foreign students better, IXO is collecting data for statistical purposes only on individuals utilizing the Student’s Room. Information collected will be used to improve or supplement resources and make them more readily available to students. Therefore, each student is required at each visit to fill out a form indicating his/her status at the university, nationality and the purpose for each visit to the Office. No names are necessary. This form can be found on a table to your left as you enter the Student’s Room.


Counseling services are available from the affiliated faculty members (international student advisors) during the counseling hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m). Please contact the Advisors by e-mail (or by phone in case of urgent matters)  to make an appointment. See Members page for the advisors’ contact information.

Resources at the Student Lounge

Student’s Room has Newspapers, Magazines, Books and Other Reading Resources. Please feel free to read all the reading resources. After reading, be sure to return them to their proper place. Unless indicated, these publications must not be taken out of the Student’s Room.

Use of Equipment

Computers and other equipment may be used as long as regulations for use of computers in the Student’s Room are strictly followed. As a rule, all equipment and properties belonging to the Student’s Room must not be taken out from the lounge. When any equipment or property mulfuntions, please notify one of the advisors immediately.

Use of Bulletin Board

There is a beige bulletin board in the Student’s Room which you are welcome to use for any notes that are relevant or helpful to those that visit the lounge. When your notice is out of date or is no longer effective, it is your responsibility to remove it. As an alternative, you may write the date you wish to have the notice discarded on the top right corner of paper. It will be removed on the date indicated on the notice.

You may also leave a personal message to your friends on the board so that your friend can pick it up later. Be sure to include the date on any messages for your friend. If your friend does not pick it up within two weeks from the date you put it up on the board, the message will be discarded unless specified.

Feel free to leave a notice in your native language for your friends and colleagues from your country.

Use of the Student Room After Hours

Those wishing to use the room after 5 pm on weekdays need to provide their name and Nagoya ID to one of the International Student Advisors. The information will be used to register you as a user of the room and thus allow you to enter the room using your student card.

The room may used until 8 pm on weekdays (* The room must not be used after 8 pm). The lights, air conditioning and computers will automatically shut off at 8 pm.

This after-hours service is available ONLY for those in the School of Engineering or the Graduate School of Engineering .

No one is allowed to use the room on weekends or holidays. The room cannot be used for parties.