General Information

General Information


The 2024 summer program at Nagoya University will provide students with a rare opportunity to connect with and play a role in automobile technology. The program offers academic credits towards students’ engineering degrees and beyond the core curriculum, students may further supplement their practical know-how with enrichment as they are exposed to the authentic environment of the automobile factory and research center. A Japanese language course is also offered.

Study with an Advanced Curriculum that Gets Results

  • Each lecture invites you to learn in a new context, in new ways, gaining perspectives that shape the way you engage with the automobile world.
  • Each lecture is as demanding as it is rewarding, resulting from the commitment of Nagoya University faculty and, in most cases, collaboration with industrial researchers from Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and so forth.
  • Unlike many study opportunities abroad, the NUSIP program is led exclusively by faculty, ensuring the same quality education that students encounter on their own campus.

Fee Information

US $2,500 for students enrolled in the universities having concluded academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University, and US $2,700 for students enrolled in the universities NOT having concluded academic exchange agreements with Nagoya University.

Both fees exclude meal and air-ticket expenses. Accommodations in Nagoya, the Japanese language course, orientation, cultural excursion and social activities are included in the program fees. Bills for electricity and water are included in the fee. However, if the bills exceed a certain amount, you will have to pay the bills.


University dormitory (single room with shared facilities)


Lunch and dinner are available at the campus cafeteria at a reasonable price.


Those who need a visa to enter Japan are responsible for getting a temporary visitor (tourist) visa.

Health Insurance

NUSIP requires health insurance coverage for all overseas participants. Japan’s National Health Insurance system is available to foreigners with long-term visas for Japan only. Therefore, overseas participants must purchase overseas health insurance prior to arrival in Japan. They are required to show proof of health insurance coverage on the first day of summer program.


Program Director: Professor Hikaru Nakamura,
Vice-Dean, Graduate School of Engineering

Chief Coordinator: Designated Professor Yasuhiko Sakai,
International Education and Exchange

Instructors (Omnibus): Researchers or engineers from automobile companies and professors at Nagoya University


For any enquiries, please send an e-mail to nusip(at) or fill out the form below.